7) Latest news & updates

Members news: (February 2020)
2020 AGM & Group Meeting 25th February @ Venture House, Boston Enterprise Centre Endeavour Park Boston Lincolnshire, PE21 7TW
Minutes of those meetings are detailed below (click the relevant web-link)

2020 SLGTA – AGM minutes

25.02.20 SLGTA Group minutes

Lincolnshire Employer Roadshow 05.12.19

Carole Jones CITB Advisor – Greater Lincolnshire has successfully managed to secure a CITB Employer Roadshow for our own County. The event web-link provides detail of the format and content, designed to provide supportive information and new opportunities it will be great to have Lincolnshire as the core focus.

New Life Conference Centre, 25 Mareham Lane, Sleaford, NG34 7JP

Members news: (September 2019)

12.09.19 SLGTA Group minutes

Apprenticeship Support:

Increased Grant Rates – £2500 per annum Attendance, £3500 Achievement

Additional Small Employer Apprenticeship Incentive Pilot – £500 per apprentice. For starts from 1st August 2019. Applicable to employers who either pay no levy or pay the reduced levy rate (wage bill of less than £400,000).

Travel Support (for CITB Apprentices only) – employer weekly contribution to travel £20 from August 2019. Claims are processed through your CITB Apprenticeship Officer.

Employer Review of Construction Training Standards:

Many standards are to be consulted upon over the next 5 years, initially CITB are reviewing 6 suites of National Occupational Standards, plus 21 short course standards.

Employers can input into one or more standards by undertaking online or phone consultation, attending a webinar or being part of a steering group.

Date for your Diary – CITB Employer Forums

Lincolnshire Forum – Sleaford – 5th December 2019
East Midlands Forum – East Midlands Airport – 13th November 2019 – AM
Provider Forums – East Midlands Forum – East Midlands Airport – 13th November 2019 – PM

Bulk Grant Claim Uploads
A new version of the bulk grant upload claim form has been issued. The key issues encountered with the earlier version have been addressed. Updated guidance has been published to support employers. Any employer encountering ongoing technical issues can request assistance through the dedicated email address: levygrant.online@citb.co.uk

Members news: (May 2019)

23.05.19 SLGTA Group minutes

Alert – HS&E Test changes from 26th June (see accompanying leaflet)

Funding: – Skills & Training Fund
Medium Sized Companies Fund to be launched in 2019/20
Easier application (no need for 3 quotes any more)
£6,878,470.00 awarded to 1,511 applicants (April 2018 – April 2019)

Current Commissions
Digital – develop initiatives to help construction leaders implement digital transformation, (£1 million available in total)
First of 3 to help the industry embrace digital change
EOI deadline – 18 June 2019 / Application deadline – 2 July 2019

Procurement – adopting better approaches to procurement which support improved performance, (£3 million available in total)
EOI deadline – 10 June 2019 / Application deadline – 24 June 2019.
Webinar and further details available:- https://www.citb.co.uk/levy-grants-and-funding/grants-funding/citb-commissioned-projects-fund/improving-performance-through-better-procurement-approaches/

Future Commission Themes include:
Careers Commission later in 2019
Construction Skills Fund 2

Recent Successful Local Commissions:
Assessment Infrastructure
Pathways into Construction

2018/19 Grant Claims – submit by end of June 2019. Short duration claims need to be made via online portal. Apprenticeships, NVQ achievements etc still use claim form available online. https://www.citb.co.uk/levy-grants-and-funding/grants-funding/

Increase in apprenticeship grants – £2500 per year attendance, £3500 achievement, (£14,500 max over 3 years). Increased achievement grant rate applicable immediately.

2019 Levy Returns – submit by end of June

Employer Forums 2019 – Lincolnshire Employer Forum confirmed for later in 2019 (in addition to East-Midlands regional event). Suggestions for local content welcomed.

Occupational Focus Groups – Scaffolding is the first identified occupation for our area to focus on. Initial meeting of employers, providers and stakeholders taking place on 30th May.

Members news: (February 2019)
2019 AGM & Group Meeting 6th February @ Spalding Golf Club Surfleet Lincs PE11 4EA
Minutes of those meetings are detailed below (click the relevant web-link)

2019 SLGTA – AGM minutes

06.02.19 SLGTA Group minutes

11.12.18 SLGTA Group minutes

Members news (December 2018)

Training Model New Grant Scheme

• Improvements are being introduced to the training model as a direct result of employer and ATO feedback, eg changes to the process of uploading bulk achievements in order to simplify the process.

889 Training Providers (ATOS) have now been approved by CITB

Who should submit a Grant Claims? If you use an approved provider (ATO), the ATO should upload the achievement. This will then trigger the automated grant payment, as soon as the ATO uploads the achievement (which ultimately should save the employer time and improves cash flow).

If you do not use an approved ATO, a grant claim can be made online, however this does not update the Construction Training Register. We would therefore encourage you to use an ATO so the Construction Training Register gets updated and you receive your grant automatically.

Call to Action:

• If you deliver in house training, please ‘Become an ATO’

• If you use an external training provider, please encourage them to ‘become an ATO’ (this gives confidence in the training delivered and ensures automated grant payments)

• Please support your ATO by providing them with the correct candidate details and your company CITB registration number.

• If you intend to submit manual grant claims please ensure that you have set up your CITB Grants Online account, where you will be able to submit, view and authorise grant claims https://www.citb.co.uk/levy/sign-up-to-citb-online/

New website search functionality available
As part of our continued improvements to the search functionality of the website, CITB have combined all information regarding standard titles and grants into a new singular search function.

New search function

• These changes mean that users can search for the course they are looking for, identify what standard it is linked to and the grant rate that it attracts in one simple search function. Please click here to access this new search function.

This new search function can also accessed from:

How to claim grants online webpage
Standards and qualifications webpage

Review of Apprenticeships Grant survey
CITB recently committed to undertake a full review of apprenticeship grants and we’re engaging with stakeholders to gather their views – please provide your views via the following link: https://www.citb.co.uk/news-events/blogs/2018/have-your-say-on-the-future-of-apprenticeship-grants/


20.09.18 SLGTA Group minutes

Members news (September 2018)

  • 2018 / 19 Grant claims (from 1st April 2018 onwards): set up a CITB Online Account to enable you to submit, view and authorise grant claims:
    Skills and Training Fund – Applications open to CITB registered employers with less than 100 direct employees. Up to £10,000 available
    Next Skills and Training Fund review dates – 28th September 2018 & 28th November
  • CITB Conferences and Roadshows have lots of great opportunities to get involved, share your views on skills and training and learn about the difference CITB is making to the sector and importantly, how we can support your business to grow and thrive.
    Whether you choose to attend a CITB Conference, our new all-day event, a CITB Roadshow, a half-day event or a local Partnership Event, you will be able to:
    • Shape the GB skills agenda through CITB’s engagement and influencing work
    • Learn how CITB can help you train more, plan skills needs and get the funding to do it
    • See the impact CITB is making on Careers, Standards and Qualifications and Training
    • Meet members of the CITB Executive team at the CITB Conferences
    • Meet your local Partnerships team at CITB Roadshows and Partnership Events
    • Network with construction sector colleagues
    • Understand how CITB’s Vision 2020 reform programme is creating a modern skills body that will support you and your firm.
  • CITB Conferences – these are large, all day events held in cities for those who are able to take a whole day out to engage with CITB. Nearest Conference location – Manchester on 11th October
  • CITB Roadshows – smaller, half day (9am to 1pm) events condensing the content from the Conferences and with a stronger local focus, for those who are only able to take half a day out of the office. Nearest Roadshow locations – East Midlands Airport on 22nd Nov, Wakefield on 20th Nov, Cambridge on 14th Nov View the full list of events and reserve your place at: https://www.citb.co.uk/news-events/events/employer-advisory-forums/
  • CITB Partnership Events – smaller, two hour events, summarising content from the Conferences and focusing on local issues. A Lincolnshire event will take place, date to be confirmed (provisionally early December).
    Approved Training Organisation Support Events – will provide the support / information ATOs have specifically asked for, including:

• How to use the Construction Training Directory and Construction Training Register
• ATO help and guidance
• Latest information regarding Standards
• Funding

Nearest venue: East Midlands Airport, on 22nd November, 2pm – 5pm

Assessment Infrastructure Funding Opportunity
Application window opens on 26th September, closing on 21st November 2018.
Identified occupational areas of:
• Finishing & Interiors (recommission)
• Demolition (England & Wales)
• Plant Operations and Maintenance (excluding hire)
• Scaffolding (assessors and trainers)
• Passive Fire Protection
Who can apply? Any organisation which can best deliver the results we are looking for.


Funding Event – Kelham Hall, Newark, Thursday 29th November 2018
Open to ATOs / Training Providers, Employers, LEPs, Local Authorities and other Stakeholders who may be interested in learning more about current / future funding opportunities available through CITB.

The event will take delegates through the process of applying for Flexible and Structured funding and give an overview of current and future themes.


Members news (June 2018)

2018 Levy Return Deadline
2018 Levy Returns were sent out in May 2018 with a due date of 30 June 2018. Failure to submit a completed 2018 Levy Return by 30 June 2018 will result in any 2018-19 grant claims being withheld until CITB receive a completed Levy Return.
Failure to submit a completed 2018 Levy Return by 30 November 2018 will result in a company’s eligibility for all 2018-19 grant claims being lost.
NB: If a business registered with CITB after 31 March 2018, they will not receive their first Levy Return until Spring 2019.

2017 / 2018 Grant Scheme (1 August 2017 to 31 March 2018) – including Training Plans, NVQs, short duration courses
Claims Deadline – 30th JUNE 2018

2018 / 19 Grant claims (from 1st April 2018 onwards):
Set up your CITB Online Account to enable you to submit, view and authorise grant claims: www.citb.co.uk/citbonline-signup

Contact Preferences – make sure you don’t miss out on key future CITB communications. Update your contact preferences through: www.citb.co.uk/opt-in

Skills and Training Fund
Applications open to CITB registered employers with less than 100 direct employees. Up to £10,000 available

At our June Group meeting: Geoff Daley of Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub was introduced to the group, Geoff very kindly gave an overview of the funding and business advisory opportunities that exist within Greater Lincolnshire. The Hub are in process of upgrading their current website, but strongly recommend subscribing to their free weekly bulletins, to register visit: http://www.businesslincolnshire.com/register

Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub are running Workshops for SME businesses in Greater Lincolnshire ranging from the forthcoming changes to the General Data Protection Regulation to Cyber Security and Information Risk Management. An equivalent workshop programme is available to similar businesses within the Greater Peterborough/Cambridge area signpost2grow, please see the following links for more detail;


Post meeting note from Carole Jones for members outside the Greater Lincolnshire area:

• Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough LEP is now called ‘The Business Board’.

• Their equivalent of Business Lincolnshire’s Growth Hub is Signpost2grow:

• The Careers Enterprise Company deliver in the area through Signpost2skills using several delivery partners:

• For the Peterborough, Rutland, Fenland, Huntingdonshire, East Cambridgeshire, South Holland, South Kesteven and West Norfolk area this service is delivered by the Skills Service, with whom SLGTA already have links:


Members news: (February 2018)

2018 AGM & Group Meeting 9th February @ Boston West Golf Club Hubberts Bridge Boston Lincs PE20 3QX
Minutes of those meetings are detailed below (click the relevant web-link)

2018 SLGTA – AGM minutes

27.02.18 SLGTA Group minutes

Members news: (November 2017)

2017 Levy Return – Reminder that the deadline for 2017 levy return submissions is 31st December 2017. NB: Grant eligibility may be affected if deadline is not met.

Changes to Health, Safety and Environmental Test
From January 2018 some of the questions may be presented in a different style. Information regarding the changes, the new question styles and what is happening in the future can be viewed through the web link below:

Skills and Training Fund
Funding is still available for CITB in-scope registered companies who directly employ less than 100 people.
Future application review windows are: 15 January 2018 / 26 February 2018 / 29 March 2018.

Details of the fund and link to the application form are available through the following web link:

Vision 2020: The Future CITB

Grant Reform
A phased change will be introduced from April 2018
Briefing events – February / March 2018


Members news: (September 2017)

Consultation results: http://www.citb.co.uk/levy/2018-levy-consensus/
Next steps:

Grants Reform
Principles and Focus of the proposed reform are outlined in the following web link:

Employer Forums – a number of events across the country including:
8th November 2017 – Cambridge, CB23 8EU
29th November – Nottingham, NG10 4EP
Full list: http://www.citb.co.uk/news-events/events/employer-advisory-forums/

2017 Levy Return – the deadline for 2017 levy return submissions is 31st December 2017. NB: Grant eligibility may be affected if deadline is not met.

2017-18 Grant Scheme – 1st August 2017 – 31st March 2018
Full details: http://www.citb.co.uk/grant/grants-for-training/

2016-17 Grant Scheme – deadline for 2016-17 Grant Scheme claims (from 1st August 2016 – 31st July 2017 inclusively) is 31st October 2017.

Matching Service – the relaunched Matching Service enables employers to offer such experiences as work experience or a site visit. Such opportunities can be logged through the following link: https://sms.goconstruct.org/

Skills and Training Fund
Funding now available through until March 2018, applications can be submitted at any time.
Application review windows – 2nd Oct 17, 20th Nov 17, 15th Jan 18, 26th Feb 18 & 29th Mar 18
Details of the fund and link to the application form: http://www.citb.co.uk/funding/flexible-and-structured-funds/skills-and-training-funding/
A short ‘how to apply’ video: https://www.citb.co.uk/funding/how-to-apply-for-funding/quick-guide-skills-and-training-application/

It’s good to report that 12 members of the SLGTA have received Skills & Training funding in 2017 totalling: £53,566.00 (Approximately 90% of all applications received are being approved).
Steve Taylor is available to provide support with identifying and planning your skills and training package, plus assistance with the completion of the on-line application. Recognition was also noted of the support that had been given by Essential Site Skills to some of these successful applications.


Members news : (June 2017)

Skills and Training Fund – the next review point for submitted applications is 17th July 2017 (applications submitted after that date will not be reviewed until 2nd October 2017).
Further details, including the online application form can be accessed through the following web link:

Consensus – the formal consensus process regarding CITB Levy is taking place between July – September 2017. Consensus Federations will seek the views of their members. Companies who are not members of a consensus federation may be contacted by independent market researches IFF Research.
Please view the following web link for further details and FAQs: http://www.citb.co.uk/levy/2018-levy-consensus/

Request for support – potential site visits?
Do you have a site which would be suitable for a site visit? CITB are currently seeking sites of interest suitable for both potential Adult new entrants / returners and / or young people, e.g. a small group of students studying a full-time construction course at FE College. Please contact Carole Jones, CITB Advisor, directly to discuss further if applicable.

Invitation to visit North Sea Camp, Tuesday 27th June – construction employers are invited to HMP North Sea Camp to view the prison and discuss with staff possible links / opportunities. Anyone interested in attending should contact Emma Wagstaff, Activities Manager Community Engagement and Industries directly: emma.wagstaff@hmps.gsi.gov.uk

Drop-in employer support session, Thursday 29th June – Carole Jones, CITB Advisor is offering one-to-one support for CITB registered employers on Thursday 29th June between 8am – 11am and 2.30pm- 4.30pm at Costa Coffee, Carlton Centre, off Outer Circle Road, Lincoln.
Please contact Carole directly to book a slot.

Open Doors 2018 – in 2017 209 sites were visited by 5000 people as part of Build UK’s Open Doors initiative. Dates for 2018 are confirmed as Monday 19th March – Saturday 24th March, further details to follow. Build UK member companies interested in being involved should contact Build UK directly for further details.

Launch into Construction event, 27th July – any employer and / or construction provider interested in having a stand at this event should contact The Network directly: georgia@networklincoln.co.uk

Buildforce UK – Following the very successful CTP event at Newark Showground last month for ex-service personnel looking for new career opportunities, a database has been generated of over 50 individuals who have expressed an interest in the construction sector for this region. These include Technical, Professional Plant operative and Trade skill occupations. For more details or to register your business with Buildforce please click the following link; https://buildforce.org.uk/ . Ex-service personnel are usually able to access a ‘career change’ grant that they can use for specific training/qualifications relevant to their new career.


Members news (February 2017)

2017 AGM & Group Meeting 9th February @ Spalding Golf Club Surfleet Lincolnshire PE11 4EA

Minutes of those meetings are detailed below (click the relevant web-link)

2017 SLGTA – AGM minutes

09.02.17 SLGTA Steering Group minutes

Members news (posted May 2016)

Our next Steering group meeting is on the 16th June @ Spalding Golf Club Surfleet PE11 4EA, hopefully you or a representative of your organisation will be able to attend.

In addition to the usual agenda items such as CITB updates by Carole Jones, SLGTA Training & Apprenticeship updates we have invited a couple of guest speakers to cover topics we hope you will find both informative and of interest.

Richard Ratcliffe and Rob Matchett – Local Supply Chain will provide information and details of how you can access (for free) Local business opportunities, Visibility of pipeline projects and Showcase your business to main contractors.

Chris Blake – CITB Plant Services Development will provide an insight into some of the accident investigations which he has supported HSE with. He will also update the group on the latest training that focuses on anyone that is subjected to working either on, or in the vicinity of, plant machinery & equipment.

As usual a breakfast bap, tea & coffee will be available from 8.45am the plan will be to condense our meeting to 45 mins, providing the opportunity for our guest speakers to deliver their presentation in time for an 11.00am finish.


HS2 roadshow events (posted April 2016)

HS2 are organising some supply chain roadshow events over the next few months (the nearest roadshow events are Leicester, Leeds and Cambridge).

More information including dates and locations can be found at;



CITB Window 3 Funding workshop (posted March 2016)

CITB will be opening the third window for flexible funding on Tuesday 19th April 2016 and would like to invite you to a workshop to support you in putting together an application for funding support.

The workshops will run by a member of the funding team, and will follow the same format and content as workshops offered in December and January.

The workshop will offer an introduction to the CITB Structured and Flexible Fund. Focused on the flexible fund, we will offer an overview of the application process, examples of good practice, and general support.

Registration will commence on the day 15 minutes before the session, which sessions beginning promptly at the time indicated. The sessions and timings are detailed below, and can be booked by following the relevant link to Eventbrite. (Should you have any problems using the Eventbrite booking system please contact funding@citb.co.uk for assistance).

If you have previously attended a workshop and would like to discuss your intentions for this window with a member of the funding team, please contact funding@citb.co.uk to arrange a telephone support session.

13/04/2016 London Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA 1030-1230 Book here
13/04/2016 London Grand Connaught Rooms, 61-65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA 1300-1530 Book here
13/04/2016 Birmingham The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre 40 Bull Street Birmingham B4 6AF 1030-1230 Book here
13/04/2016 Birmingham The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre 40 Bull Street Birmingham B4 6AF 1300-1530 Book here
13/04/2016 Edinburgh Hilton Edinburgh Airport 100 Eastfield Rd, Edinburgh EH28 8LL 1030-1230 Book here
13/04/2016 Edinburgh Hilton Edinburgh Airport 100 Eastfield Rd, Edinburgh EH28 8LL 1300-1530 Book here
14/04/2016 Cardiff Radisson Blu Meridian Gate, Bute Terrace, Cardiff CF10 2FL 1030-1230 Book here
14/04/2016 Cardiff Radisson Blu Meridian Gate, Bute Terrace, Cardiff CF10 2FL 1300-1530 Book here
15/04/2016 Leeds Crowne Plaza Leeds Wellington St, Leeds LS1 4DL 1030-1230 Book here
15/04/2016 Leeds Crowne Plaza Leeds Wellington St, Leeds LS1 4DL 1300-1530 Book here


  • CITB Update: CITB Company Development Advisor – Carole Jones (posted February 2016)

Constructionarium Open Day

Date: Wed 16 March
Time: From 10am
Location: Bircham Newton

Constructionarium, in association with CITB, is running a construction experience day at our facilities at Bircham Newton on Wednesday 16 March 2016. The event will provide you with a chance to experience Constructionarium in action, an innovative learning environment for students to apply the knowledge they have gained in a practical, safe and relevant environment with the support of industry.

It is a great opportunity to bring together construction employers, education providers and key stakeholders to learn more about the initiative, its recent expansion and the opportunity to get involved.

For more detail on how to book paces use the following web-link:


 East Midlands Construction Employer Forum (open to inscope CITB member companies only) – the next forum will take place on Tuesday 12th April 2016, 10am – 1pm in Newark.

Topics for discussion at this next forum include:

  •  Government Apprenticeship Levy – what are the likely impacts to the industry?
  • Funding opportunities open to all inscope construction employers – new funding streams now available to apply for
  • Experience Matching Service – find out more about this brand new service
  • Apprenticeship Trailbazer update – a follow-up from our Autumn briefing
  • Changes at CITB –  CITB’s future plans for effective industry support

These events are your opportunity to discuss matters that are important to you.  We value your input greatly and hope that you can spare the time to attend.

If you wish to attend please contact Carole Jones –  Tel: 07500 605169,  Email: carole.jones@citb.co.uk

 2016 Flexible Funding There is a fund specifically targeting skills & training for small businesses, the following details highlight fund values, criteria etc.. The SLGTA are keen to assist where possible with applications.

 Skills and training funding

Who can apply? Levy registered construction employers with fewer than 50 direct employees.

Eligible activities • Skills and training activities that are vital for the construction industry;

 • Examples include: training courses, upskilling programmes, multiskilling programmes and training support materials.

Project time frame Projects should last no longer than 18 months. Funding amount available – Up to £5,000

• CITB will provide funding for activities up to a maximum of £5,000. You can also use the funding to part fund your activities

• If other funding already exists for your project, such as the Grants Scheme, you should reduce the amount of funding requested by the amount you could claim through the other channel(s).

 Impact required;

The project should result in one or more of the following CITB strategic priorities for skills and training:

• Reduce skills gaps

• Reduce skills shortages

• Improve access to the right training.

Restrictions: Only one bid allowed per Levy registered employer each year.

 Contact Carole or Steve for information /detail

Go Construct Experience Matching Service

The slide in Appendix 1 outlines some of the possible opportunities that member companies may wish to offer. The web link below provides access to register your organisations opportunities:


Any members requiring more information, details or support should contact Carole directly.


  • 2015 Chairmans’ report: (posted February 2016)

 Where did that year go???

 It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since we were sat in the AGM celebrating a successful 2014 and looking forward to exciting times in 2015.

 Well we are now here looking back on yet another amazing year with plans already in place to make 2016 bigger and better.

 I believe that we can be extremely proud of what we have all achieved over the last 12 months. Partnership working, sharing resources, communities of practices all continuing to be forged across the construction & education sectors, whilst sharing Careers in Construction and true to life experiences with the schools and colleges.

 As an association we have achieved some remarkable milestones both working together in partnership sharing knowledge and skills and as individual companies nurturing and supporting our employees to succeed along their chosen path, growing from strength to strength and in some instances gaining local and national recognition along the way.

 Two highlights from the last year:

 •          Lucy Goldsmith of K Goldsmith & Daughters winning the Daily Mirror “Hero of Construction” Awards at the CITB Pride of Construction Awards in London

•          Jamie Holmes of Princebuild Ltd winning the CIPHE Student of the Year Award at The CIPHE Regional Awards Dinner in Lincoln.

 In support of sharing new knowledge we have had the highest levels of member company participation in training of 77%, reaching 83% when including the workshops for ISO9001, ACAS Employment Law etc.

 Spending over £32,000 on training courses, resulting in delivering 347 delegate training days.

 2015 closed with 36 in scope members on the books plus partners.

 Accessing over 1000 school pupils over the two 2015 Construction Events, which is an amazing achievement and an all-time high for the group. This success is down to the continued support of our members and partners. A big thank you to you all.

 We have given extensive support to the CITB in relation to their school engagement programme. Attending 12 different school careers events across the year.

 We also had a stand at the Lincolnshire Skills Event in November at Butlins, Skegness where we made some new contacts which are proving beneficial to the delivery of the school events and also sharing information on heritage apprenticeship schemes with member companies. Sadly this event will not take place this year due to lack of funding. 

 On a regular basis, Steve and I attend meetings with other training group chairs and it is fantastic how well known SLGTA is for our construction events and the enthusiasm and support we have from all our members and partners in the delivery of them.

 It is fantastic to hear that students who have attended one or more of our Construction Events in the past have now gone on to study construction at college or obtain an apprenticeship as the event inspired them to join the industry. Proven progression from the construction event to the actually industry is recognition enough that the events are extremely beneficial for inspiring young people.

 The continuous partnerships we are making not only gives something back to the community but also gives added value to the members businesses. This too has been proven by one of our event sponsor companies Wildgoose Construction being awarded the Considerate Contractor Award and Princebuild Ltd being shortlisted for the Peterborough ET Business of The Year Award Corporate Social Responsibility Award. Sadly Princebuild did not win, however the competition was extremely high.  Congratulations to Wildgoose and Princebuild for the recognition.

 It has been an honour and a privilege to be part of such a successful group and to help and support make a difference to local businesses, the industry and education.

 I can honestly say that in the 12 years I have been involved with the group, this has been the most fast paced one yet.

 The success of 2015 could not have been achieved without the support, commitment and dedication of our fantastic Group Training Officer – Steve Taylor.  Steve has done an amazing job and I want to personally thank him for all his hard work and attention to detail, not to mention going along with the random ideas that we have come up with. Thank you Mr Taylor couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you all for your hard work and continued support and participation in the events and activities we deliver. Without our members and partners we would be unable to achieve what we have and to bring the group from strength to strength.

 Remember it is your group, have your say, say what you need and we will do our up most to support you.

 Here’s looking ahead to a successful 2016.


SLGTA Chairman